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              WHO WE ARE?

              SAE Co.,Ltd was established in 1954 with two factories located in Minhang and Jinshan, a total area coverage of 120,000 m2.

              OUR MISSION?

              To create a safer, more comfortable, and more energy saving environment via continuous innovation on aviation technology.

              WHAT WE DO?

              SAE is principally engaged in military aviation, civil aviation, non-aviation defense and civilian fields.

              OUR VISION?

              To become the most respected innovative high-tech enterprise in the fields of sound, lighting and electronics.

              WHAT WE PROCESS?

              SAE has qualification of Shanghai high-tech enterprise, NETC and CNAL, certification of GJB9001B、AS9100C、TS16949.

              ABOUT US
              Products & Solutions
              Lighting Solutions
              CPAs & DCS Solution
              Warning Solutions
              Secondary PDM Solutions
              Speech R & S Solutions
              Core Electric Apparatus
              Automotive Components
              Civil Aircraft Maintenance
              Application Fields
              Non-aviation Defense
              About Us
              Company History
              Management Team
              Enterprise Culture
              Enterprise Strategy
              Contact Us
              WeChat Official Accounts:

              Contact Us:Tel:021-61867331(9:00-17:00) E-Mail: sae@www.andrupsbookshelf.com

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